Organic Lawn Care Service

SoilKeepers serves customers concerned about the value, health, beauty, and ecologically friendliness of their properties as we are all part of the same ecosystem.  We are one of the few organic lawn care companies that service the area between Charlottesville VA, Warrenton VA, and Fredericksburg VA. With our office located in Orange VA, the seat of Orange County VA, we have easy access to our entire territory with a keen eye on prompt arrivals coupled with professional service performed in a pleasant and honest way. Our local lawn care services are ideally set for our region’s specifications which means you will receive a different path to exemplary lawn health than some of your neighbors. It takes a good amount of time to understand the basics of organic lawn care, let alone the proper care for various plants under numerous circumstances.

We provide our organic lawn service at an affordable price, too. We will make you wonder why you would ever let other landscaping companies put chemicals on the same grass that your pets and children play on. Don’t get our low-cost landscaping confused with the cheap lawn care services that many clients are tempted with when we can offer you a natural lawn service that is chemical free and easy on the wallet. We are also realistic that we are not the least expensive option available. Again, we are a perfect fit for clients that want a natural lawn with healthy soil for years to come.