Southern Climate Restoration Solutions

Southern Climate Restoration Solutions develops natural solutions for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in the Southeast US.

In the years ahead we will work with landowners and other partners to identify unique landscapes that with proper management can provide meaningful restoration of the carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles our world depends upon.

See our August 21, 2023 press release [PDF].

Current Projects

Carbon Farming Monitoring Project

soil samples in control area for carbon capture

The Carbon Farming Monitoring Project and CarbonRancher will build carbon farming monitoring capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon in Southeast US agricultural soils working in partnership with USDA-NRCS and other partners.

Dominion Energy Solar Soil Carbon Project

solar facility for soil carbon capture project

The Solar Soil Carbon Project is piloting a method for solar energy facilities to provide carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and increased water holding capacity through regenerative vegetation management.

Central Appalachia Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project

The Central Appalachia Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAV) Project is working with the University of Tennessee (UT) + Partners to pave the way for future construction of a sustainable fuel facility. Funded by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT) in recent years, UT has diligently laid the groundwork through research, partnerships, and other efforts for SAF stakeholders.  Learn more…

The Central Appalachia Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project is rooted in our Community Energy Program (2012-2018).