SoilKeepers helps farmers, estate and residential landowners, home owners associations (HOA), and solar energy companies manage their landscapes while enhancing human health and biodiversity, and restoring our climate.

We specialize in grasslands management through regenerative management” meaning the restoration and maintenance of soil microbes, the liquid carbon pathway and vegetative biodiversity. We consider grasslands to include lawns, swards, meadows, pastures and hayfields. We use the latest soil chemistry, biology, and plant tissue testing protocols and equipment to provide essential management data.

Our work restores health to people, pets, farm animals, wildlife, and river ecosystems. Our senior contracting staff and associates team members have four year and advanced degrees in agriculture, business administration, biology, environmental science, fisheries, and biochemistry. In addition they are USDA-NRCS service providers, certified prescribed burn managers (VDOF), certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals, and trained in innovative river management techniques including the use of woody debris structures (beaver dams and beaver like structures).

After forestland, grasslands are the most prevalent landscape in the mid-Atlantic region.

Did you know?

100% of the nutrients grasslands need for most soil types, in most geographic regions, in most pH ranges, of the mid-Atlantic region – is in the soil – if it’s healthy. Healthy soil in grasslands depends on plant biodiversity. Research shows that a four plant family ecosystem provides nutrients and pathogen resilience needed by most grassland species. Biodiverse grasslands provide many health benefits. Healthy soil biology through the use of SoilKeepers Biogenicals (sprays and dry amendments) can restore the soil ecosystem, boost your immune system, and help improve your mood.

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Feedback for Soilkeeper Grasslands Management Services

Total for projects under management for at least one year, since 2014


tons of carbon dioxide sequestered


tons of nitrogen made available for plants


million gallons of water held in the soil

Carbon emissions sequestered from SoilKeeper's work equals each of these everyday activities


homes energy usage


million passenger miles driven


million smartphones charged

*Numbers are approximate based on which estimating model is used.

What's wrong with the conventional approach?

It’s hard to believe but true —

“Lawn” is now the second largest type of land use in the multi-state region that drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The conventional approach to lawns is to treat the dirt as dead or not alive or just not as a consideration. We are sold the notion to “feed it” (the grass) otherwise it will die. Well, that’s true but only because life in the soil was killed by synthetic chemicals and fertilizers or topsoil was removed in the development process, leaving lifeless soil (dirt).

Real soil is alive

There is a whole world down there that breathes and when it is healthy and well the soil FEEDS ITSELF and the plants without us and our toxic chemicals. And it puts money in our pockets in avoided fertilizer and herbicide costs year after year.

SoilKeepers uses Biogenical fertilizers formulated at Historic Rapidan Mill, Rapidan, Virginia to restore your soil microbes. Healthy microbes can provide all the nutrients your lawn needs. Our Biogenical fertilizers heal your lawn within 1-5 years, which eliminates the need for fertilizer once the microbes are in balance.

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