Working on the Mattaponi River

Calm still water in areas with deep pools (even lily pads in a few spots).

The weather is cooperating and we have moved over to the Mattaponi River in Caroline County.  Assessments are nearly complete and trash removed from a four mile section has already been delivered to the collection site.  The crew is patiently moving along the river in a section below the Milford DGIF boat launch which is littered with downed trees.  We appreciate the assistance we’ve received from local government, Luck Stone and landowners who provided us with information and access.  Look for another update early next week!

A few items of trash in the first four miles: 5 tires, 4 bags of cans and bottles, and an old seat cushion, some siding and metal.
4 tires with rims plus a big tractor tire between Paige Road and Milford.
Sweeper Allison Passa
Some pretty consistent navigation challenges with all of the wind and rain this summer.
First day of river assessment leaving DGIF Boat Launch on Paige Road.
Crew getting ready
Friends along the way, including great blue herons and a large bald eagle and lots of fish jumping.

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