Rapidan Mill Enterprises Center

Industries for Rural American Resilience

Coming soon: Rapidan Fishing Club – a membership-based permit to grant members exclusive use of the Rapidan Mill property for recreational purposes.

Rapidan Mill Enterprises is the industrial program of the American Climate Partners. The mission of Rapidan Mill Enterprises is to grow regenerative agriculture businesses in Central Virginia to provide new job training and employment. 

The first enterprise, recently created, is Rapidan Hay and Grain, LLC. Rapidan Hay and Grain is developing a biofuels/forage and small grain system for the Rapidan Watershed in Virginia utilizing owned and rented floodplain acres. Rapidan Hay and Grain partners have extensive experience with hay, small grains, and biofuels. Our producer focus is switchgrass strip cropped with winter wheat or rye. Organic certification will be explored for both switchgrass and rye/wheat. The milling, bagging, and marketing component will be developed by the Rapidan Institute