American Climate Partners Virginia Wildlife Habitat Cooperative

The Churn of Eco-Entrepreneur Training and Employment

I know memories are fuzzy things, but my guess is the average stay of our 18-30 aged employees is a year. When I close my eyes I can see many dozens of young people, in groups, and teams hauling trash out of rivers, tending soil microbes, planting native grasslands and successional forests, then gone like the wind.

Roots and wings.

The latest is local ace hire Amber Jenkins from Orange (below at a Quail Quilt Porch Party she coordinated with Myron), she did wonders for our Virginia Wildlife Habitat Cooperative program, and then her own dreams called, some of which include someday her own eco-business.

It’s hard to constantly train and retrain. But it is part of our mission. Perhaps the most important part. We enroll young adults in methods and a hopeful way of being that they can do meaningful work to heal our climate, to improve biodiversity, right in their own communities.