J and R, Fredericksburg, VA

“Mike, I just wanted to let you know that your guys were awesome. I was really hesitant about spending so much money for such a small yard. I am now going to say it was worth it. SoilKeepers is the first to not be in and out within 30 minutes leaving us to wonder what […]

M.J. Ivy

“The lawn has never looked so good in the 21 years we’ve lived here.”

M.S. Charlottesville

“We were looking for a lawn program that was safe for kids, dogs and the environment, and also wanted a lawn that was thick, healthy and green. We are so pleased that Mike and his crew were able to give us everything we wanted. It took only a very short time to have an amazing […]

E.B. Fredericksburg

“Hi Mike! Is it my imagination or is my grass already looking better?”

C.M. Charlottesville

“Thanks for your help. We have a nice crop of grass thanks to your work last year.”

C.W. Fredericksburg

“He said “your lawn looks like something you would see in Coronado California.””

D.P. Somerset, VA

I have no interest in watering the grass in my yard nor spraying with chemicals or pesticides. I do have an interest in healthy turf and the nagging guilt of what must be done to create the perfect lawn. Wow! What SoilKeepers has done to my yard is epic. Treating the soil instead of the […]

P.W. Charlottesville, VA

“Hi, Just wanted to touch base with you about our lovely green lawn…it looks better than it has looked in ages.”