Invasive Species

“Invasive plants are species intentionally or accidentally introduced by human activity into a region in which they did not evolve and cause harm to natural resources, economic activity or humans.
Invasive plants proliferate and displace native plant species, reduce wildlife habitat and alter natural processes.  They also impose serious costs on our economy, which depends on benefits provided by nature.  Economists have estimated that all invasive species – plants, animals and diseases – cause $120 billion in losses each year (Pimentel et al. 2005).  Examples of these costs include degradation of vast areas of western range lands, clogging of important waterways and increased effort to maintaining open power line rights-of-way.

Invasive plants typically exhibit the following characteristics:

Rapid growth and maturity
Prolific seed production
Highly successful seed dispersal, germination and colonization
Rampant vegetative spread
Ability to out-compete native species
High cost to remove or control

An invasive plant infestation is like a slow-motion explosion, which left unchecked may severely alter a site’s natural beauty and economic contributions.”


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