Fall Lawn Care

We are in the midst of the strangest years, climate-wise, in recent history. The rain has kept our rivers in flood stage for nearly the entire summer and they are still raging. If it hasn’t been the rain, it’s been the heat, and before that, drought. This kind of weather adds up to spring in Virginia being a lousy time to plant anything. The stresses are enormous. Thus, for those that want to work in their yard, Fall Organic Lawn Care is the best and frankly only wise way to go. But note, we are still weeks away from planting time. Soil temperatures today are still in the mid to high 70’s. Cool season grasses like to have soil temperatures in the 50-60 degree range for optimum root development. If you do not have a soil thermometer, wait until the air temperature is about 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that the best time frame for Fall planting of grass, bushes, and trees runs mid to late September through early November. Before or after this window, there is more stress on the plants. Our proven recipe for clients that want Fall grass restoration is a thin layer of compost, along with the proper seed, probiotic fertilizer liquid spray, and precise watering. This formula yields  thick beautiful grass in less than 30 days. With the right planning, you will not believe how beautiful your yard can be for Fall visits from friends and family. Call now to be placed on our Fall schedule.


Fall organic lawn restoration
Untouched photo from Fredericksburg, VA one season fall lawn restoration, 2017