Soil Carbon Proclamation

American Climate Partners has launched the Soil Carbon Proclamation. The purpose of the Proclamation is to launch a new story about the role of what we call “land” beneath us. The Proclamation will render the perspective that while soil is property, it is alive, perhaps to be considered in the way we think of the ocean, or a forest. These ecosystems we know to sustain us, to nurture us, and they hold a mythical status in most human cultures.

The Soil Carbon Proclamation has yet to be written. In the months ahead, American Climate Partners will seek Partners to support the development of the Proclamation, and finding hundreds, perhaps thousands of signatories to support it. In Virginia, the charge has been set – a Net-Zero CO2 economy by 2045. The Proclamation is one way to transcend this public policy into a non-partisan popular movement.

If you or your organization would like to explore helping us co-create the Proclamation in 2023 and perhaps becoming a signatory, please contact