Rapidan Blueway

Heritage Economic Development

A blueway is a river trail designed to enhance river recreational activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing with legal and safe put-in and take-outs. The Rapidan River was chosen for its scenic views and likelihood to create handicap access by a group of local river enthusiasts and landowners.

Currently underway is a feasibility study to investigate options for access, maintenance, and administration capital needs for the proposed Rapidan Blueway. The feasibility study is also intended to inform area landowners, residents, and local governments about the pros and cons of a river trail, and specific recommendations to create such a trail on the Rapidan River. The project received financial support for the feasibility study from Orange County, Madison County, and the Town of Orange.

The project will focus on 3 possible future access points: Liberty Mills, near Rt. 231. Spicer’s Mill, West of the Town of Orange, and Madison Mill, North of the Town of Orange.