National Bioenergy Day Virginia Study Tour

On October 21st, in recognition of the Third Annual National Bioenergy Day, the Virginia Community Wood Energy Program is hosting a study tour of three Southside institutions that are saving money and supporting their local economy by using wood fuels for space heating and hot water generation.  In 2013 the Virginia United Methodist Assembly Center in Blackstone, replaced their aging fuel oil boiler with a modern, fully-automated wood chip fueled system.  The new boiler is saving them over $100,000 a year while providing them a reliable, year-round supply of hot water and space heating.  The Piedmont Geriatric Hospital in Burkeville has been heating with sawdust for over 25 years.  Recently staff has pioneered the use of locally grown Native Warm Season Grasses for winter time fuel, saving the Commonwealth over $40,000 a year while driving the restoration of Bobwhite Quail habitat in Southside!  Longwood University has been using sawdust for over 30 years to heat the campus right in the middle of Farmville.  Longwood’s wood-fueled system saves them millions of dollars per year and supported the local forest products industry through the recession.

The Virginia Community Wood Energy Program invites you to tour these three outstanding facilities, meet their staff and learn how you could save money, keep your energy dollars in your local community and improve the health of regional forests by using wood fuels for heating Virginia’s public buildings.

Please register here or at the link below, so we will know to expect you.  Lunch will be provided!

We look forward to seeing you in Blackstone!

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