Millrace Academy

Education for Healthy People, Communities, and Ecosystems

The Millrace Academy is the education branch of the American Climate Partners and serves as a way to share what we learn through our work with the community. The driving focus is the relationship between ecosystem health and human health.

Through the work of ACP, Millrace will investigate complex questions

How do the ecosystems we live in impact our health?

How can we improve our relationship with the rest of nature to have a positive impact on these processes?

How can we work together to create a healthier future for ourselves and the rest of the living world upon which we depend?   

With a forested nature trail and wading access to the Rapidan River, we are open to small group field trips this fall. We are flexible with a broad range of ecology topics and look forward to discussing ideas with interested educators.

Contact Shep Waldenberger for more information.

We hope to expand our education opportunities for the community by exploring relationships with local schools, providing field trip opportunities to the Rapidan River, creating a unique indoor/outdoor learning space, investing in teaching tools, bringing in guest educators, and creating digital learning content.

Photo courtesy of the Thorne Nature Experience