February 2020

StreamSweepers cleans over 22 miles of the Clinch River, providing summer jobs to 13 young people, and removing over 1,000 tires and 11 tons of other trash.

February 2019

Initial renovations of space in the old Rapidan Flour offices at Rapidan Mill are completed. The Center moves its headquarters to Rapidan.

February 2017

SoilKeepers serves 34 clients in its fourth year.

February 2015

StreamSweepers cleans the final 40 miles of the Rapidan River from its headwaters near Graves Mill to Somerset, and from Raccoon Ford to the confluence with the Rappahannock.

March 2014

SoilKeepers serves its first two paying clients in its first full year.

February 2006

Michael Collins — a conservationist, entrepreneur, environmental and urban planner, and educator — founds the Association for Conservation Real Estate (Conserv), to recognize the value of ecological assets in real estate transactions.

January 2023

Southeastern Climate Restoration Solutions program launches to implement our growing realization that modifications in landscape management could be a cost-effective natural solution for carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Services selects us as a partner with a multi-million-dollar award to expand measurement and monitoring of carbon in soil on working agricultural […]

January 2022

The Board of Directors unanimously decides to change our name to American Climate Partners.

January 2021

StreamSweepers cleans over 35 miles of the Clinch River, providing summer jobs to 15 young people, and removing over 1,600 tires and over 25 tons of other trash.

January 2020

The Center launches the Rapidan Institute to focus on comprehensive fisheries and floodplain habitat restoration in the Rapidan and Robinson River watersheds, and the Rapidan Fish Passage Project (RFPP) to restore free flow to the Rapidan River by modifying a dam at the village of Rapidan and reconnect the river’s headwaters with the Chesapeake Bay […]