Capitol Hill Visit

2016 StreamSweepers Meet with Staff of Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine in DC
Senator Mark Warner StreamSweepers
Frank Balint (American Climate Partners Board Member), Emily Dieckhoff, Senator Mark Warner, Kira Lander, Betty Dixon (American Climate Partners Staff), Buzz VanSantvoord (American Climate Partners Staff), Taylor Dawson, Conner McGhee, Daniel Squietieri, Spencer Goodwin, Michael Collins (American Climate Partners Executive Director), Mac Klackle, Austin Garr, Debbie Manzari (American Climate Partners Staff), Brian Becker (American Climate Partners Staff) (left to right)

The 2016 crew had a great opportunity last month to visit with Senator Mark Warner and his staff as well as the staff of Senator Tim Kaine.  The Senators’ staff offered several ideas on how we can expand services throughout Virginia and into the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed.  They are in agreement that there needs to be a public-private partnership to restore Virginia’s rivers and we look forward to working with them to increase the capacity of StreamSweepers to reach beyond the Piedmont.  It was a great day to be a StreamSweeper!



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