Contractor Partners

Neuhauser Hay

Rapidan Hay & Grain

Myron Neuhauser

Located in Central Virginia at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Neuhauser Hay has been a leading hay producer in Virginia since 1990.

With more than 60+ years of farming experience in Virginia and South Dakota, Neuhauser Hay serves equine, equestrian, cattle, sheep/goat and farming communities from the mid-Atlantic region to Florida.

Rapidan Hay & Grain is a new partnership between Myron and ACP’s Rapidan Mill Ecological Enterprises Center, coming soon!

Siller Pollinator Company

Blue Orchard Bee Projects

Allison Wickham

At Siller Pollinator Company, we have a combined 14 years of beekeeping and habitat experience from various places in the country. Beekeeping in diverse climates means we bring diverse solutions.

Blue Orchard Bees (BOB) are a solitary mason bee native to Virginia. This excellent pollinator is potentially in decline. Researchers at UVA are working to determine the extent and causes of decreasing populations. BOB are found wild in much of the US, with two subspecies divided by the Rockies, but are also managed for pollination. Some of the suspected reasons for population decline are habitat loss, introduced bee species, increased pathogens, and increased exposure to pesticides.